Residential Air Conditioning

Residential AC Company Coconut CreekWhen you get home from a long day at work you want to sit down and relax in your cool and comfortable home. If your air conditioner stops working you could come home to a hot house, making you unhappy and uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing any problems with your AC unit don’t hesitate to call our team at Globe AC Services. Our experienced team can provide you with any AC repair or maintenance needs you have, big or small.

Many people think that cooling your home is the single job of your air conditioning unit. However, cooling your home is only part of what your air conditioner does on a daily basis. Your air conditioner is the central unit for providing clean air flow throughout your house, and when your filter becomes dirty you won’t be getting the clean air flow you expect. Many people fail to schedule routine inspections and just assume that if their air conditioner is cooling their home that everything is fine. This isn’t always the case, and if you or a family member has allergies or asthma replacing your filter regularly is even more important. Dirty filters can trigger asthma attacks or allergens. If you haven’t had your AC unit inspected in a while now is the time to contact our team at Globe AC Services.

While it’s easy to notice a problem with your air conditioner there are some underlying issues that can be more difficult to detect. Don’t just assumer your AC unit is working well just because you don’t notice any problems. There are other issues that could arise. Some of the common questions we get involving residential air conditioners include:

  • Why is my air conditioner so loud?
  • Why is my AC unit not producing cold air?
  • Why is my AC unit freezing up?


Our team at Globe AC services is here to answer any questions you have when it comes to your residential air conditioning system. We can provide you with routine maintenance, and all repairs big or small. While maintaining the correct temperature in your home is an important job, it’s not the only thing that your air conditioner does for your home. Don’t assume your air conditioner is fine just because your home is cool. Make sure the air that is flowing in your home is clean and healthy. Whether you need to schedule a routine inspection or you’re in need of maintenance or repairs, contact our team at Globe AC Services today.

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