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A/C Repair Pompano Beach

Being without Air Conditioning in Florida can be brutal, with the combination of high temperatures and even higher humidity levels, having an AC is a must. At Globe AC Services, our professional team of technicians understand how unpleasant it is to have a broken AC and will work diligently to find the root of the problem and fix it! At Globe AC Services we use only the best and latest technology to fix your problem! Our team of repairmen can assist you with all your AC service needs, from inspections to repairs and part replacements, we offer the best commercial and residential air conditioning service in Pompano Beach! Do you think you need your AC unit repaired? Look for these important signs, they could indicate that you AC is broken:

Air Flow
If you have poor air flow it could mean that you may have debris clogging your air conditioning vents or there could be a problem within the air ducks themselves.

Thermostat issues
Sometimes you’re air conditioning unit can be completely fine and another issue could be causing the issue. If you’re having problems with your thermostat it could be an electrical issue that is resulting in the malfunction.

Unusual Sounds
It’s important to call the AC repair specialists in Pompano Beach if you hear any grinding, squeaking, grating, or any other strange sound coming from your air conditioning unit. These sounds could mean that crucial elements of your AC unit may be broken and need to be repaired or even completely replaced.

South Florida is incredibly humid, so it’s important to keep the lookout for signs of moisture where there shouldn’t be. For example, leakage or moisture on or near your air conditioning unit could be what’s causing issues with your AC. It’s best to get your AC repaired in Pompano Beach as soon as possible to avoid further damage and costs.

If you’re looking for the best AC repair company in Pompano Beach contact our experienced team at Globe AC Services, call today at (954) 531-1545.

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