Duct cleaning

Here at Globe AC Service we perform complete Air Duct services such as Air Duct Sanitization as well as regular ductwork cleaning. Sanitization is considered an add on service that can be ordered with any job. Sanitization treatments are usually conducted after we perform a duct cleaning and where there is any sign of microbial growth. The treatment can remove various types of microbes and prohibits them from growing again shortly after the ductwork is cleaned.

Duct-cleaning-3Some of the various types of bacteria and organisms which are removed by our sanitization services are mycobacterium bovis, staphylococcus aureus, aspergillus fumigatus and legionella pneumophila. The ductwork will be free of any elements after treatment and should be on a maintenance schedule from this point forward. The sanitization is also great for the removal of musty/damp orders thus significantly improving  your air quality. This service is fantastic for anyone who is sensitive to air born allergens and sensitive to mold or foul orders. The removal of unwanted air particles can prevent health complications and allergic reactions.

The team of professionals at Globe AC Service has extensive knowledge of how to perform industry leading air duct sanitization services. With the many years of experience the process has been reduced down to a science.

Some of the benefits from regular duct cleaning are:

Better air quality contributes to better health benefits.

Better Efficiency: Duct cleaning promotes clean air flow throughout your home and also reduces the frequency which your AC filter needs to be replaced. Clean air extends the life span of your AC, especially the coils.

Unexpected repairs: When your air ducts are not cleaned they may be restricting the air flow from the AC unit and place unnecessary strain on your AC system. This stress can result in parts failure and costly repairs. An efficient AC system will help save you time and money for years to come.

Energy savings: When your AC system is running optimally you reduce your energy cost, conserve energy and extend the life span of the AC system. Since your AC represents more than 25% of your energy bill, it’s important that you keep your AC system on a maintenance schedule so it can run more efficiently, conserve energy and help „minimize the global impact we’re placing on the environment”.

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