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Looking for the most suitable air conditioning unit? You have no idea where to start from? Puzzled by which would be the best quality, comfort and price? You do not know what steps you need to take? It’s hard to choose the right company who does air-conditioning installation?

If you’re about to buy an air conditioning system, you must ask yourself these important questions. Do you expect that the unit you purchased is the best on the market and has a long life expectancy? Did you get advice from an experienced specialists who can perform your air conditioning installation and inform you about the most important factors in order to make the best possible decision?

Let’s start with a very brief summary of the benefits of air conditioning:

AC-repairAir conditioning installation is an excellent solution when it’s warm, especially for those who are sick, suffering from the heat, or extreme temperature fluctuations during certain months. There is no faster and more efficient way to adjust the air temperature as compared to the use of air conditioning. Most air conditioners these days come with both heating and cooling functions, so it is an excellent and convenient solution not only in the heat of summer, but in cooler or cold months as well. Some air conditioning models such as inverter air conditioners are capable of identifying what specific temperature is needed per room and minimize power consumtion. Inverter Air Conditioning Systems are economically cheaper to use for heating than gas heating. Also, it does not have any carbon monoxide hazards. When compared to radiators they have much better air mixing. It is very important to be well informed before you decide which air conditioning system you choose to install!

You’ve decided to have an air conditioning system installed but you don’t know where to start or who to ask.
To summarize, you should write down your needs and expectations regarding your A/C installation. Then you should make a priority list of the requirements and expectations of the A/C installation company and the A/C system. Here’s an example: The air conditioning system must provide both cooling and heating functions, must be energy-efficient, have low power consumption and low noise level. And last but not least , the design should be discreet. Also you must calculate what size A/C system ( Tonage) you will need to cool your space (2,500 Sq Ft…Etc), the location and orientation, the heat load capacity and the area, airspace of the rooms, the size of all glass surfaces (doors, windows), the quality of the insulation, what kind of heat generating devices operate in all areas and how many people usually reside in the rooms.
Some of these factors can be easily assessed by you , but to make the best decision we suggest involving an experienced air-conditioning installation expert give you advice. Only an expert can notice small factors when assessing which air conditioning system will be the best fit.

Where not to buy your air conditioning device?

AC-repair-3Let’s start with the last place, Supermarket chains have a variety of shops. Air conditioning devices are available in many places and though you might find them cheap it does not mean they are good quality. We have seen early problems in many cases where premature failure, improper operation is a factor for A/C units purchased from supermarkets. Sellers are not professionals, they do not have enough technical and professional knowledge therefore they cannot provide the appropriate information required for you to make an educated decission or purchase. If you would like to own an air conditioner with a long life expectancy that will meet your needs, ask an experienced specialist’s their opinion before making a decision to purchase one onyour own.

To make sure the air conditioners work properly and for a long term, it is important to have as much knowledge about your A/C system as possible.

On the other hand, it is useless to have a fantastic air conditioning unit if it wasn’t installed properly. This can lead to an inefficiently running device, the reduction of its life span and quick deterioration after a few years.

Unfortunately it is difficult to detect early if the air conditioning equipment was installed incorrectly because the air conditioners can appear to be working just fine, they can heat or cool and you only notice the inconveniences after a certain period of time. In many cases, users are blaming the issues on the air conditioning unit but it can be a result of a defective unit that was poorly manufactured. Therefore, it’s important that you entrust an experienced and professional company for your air-conditioning installation, one which knows how to do the installation according to each area individually. A professional air conditioning installation company that is highly qualified with experienced mechanics and technicians who use modern and expensive tools, this way they can provide the best quality work.

Useful advice on air conditioning:

When should I install it?
The answer is simple, anytime. It can be installed during construction, or afterwards. In both cases it is possible to install the air conditioning unit. If you are building your home, or are planning to do so, if you already know that you want air conditioning in your home, you may want to start the preliminary work such as drainage pipes in the wall. So in the future there will be no need to drill into your new walls. Of course, no matter when you decide you want air conditioning in your home, either in a room, or in the whole house, installation can be performed at anytime!

Which unit to chose: inverter or traditional (on / off) air conditioning?

Of course, the decision must take into account many subtle aspects, but generally speaking, the inverter air conditioner has many advantages over conventional air conditioning units. Inverter air conditioning is more energy-efficient than the traditional systems due to better power management and more accurate temperature fluctuations. The inverter air conditioner noise level is lower and also has cooling and heating functions.

3. Some good budget-friendly advice:

AC-repair-5Do not overcool the room. Always choose an energy-efficient air-conditioning unit. If possible, turn on the air conditioning unit during the hottest part (noon) of the day. Tint or use Shades for windows and doors. By minimizing the amount of sunshine and heat into the rooms will help make the air conditioning unit more efficient and save energy. Keep in mind that the electronic devices (such as televisions, computers and printers) generate and gives off heat. Air conditioning units also have to deal with balancing the temperature due to the additional heat these devices generate. If you are cooking or baking in the kitchen, do not turn the air conditioning on. Make sure that all the doors and windows are closed when the air conditioner is on. Try not to open the doors too frequently while the air conditioning is running. The air conditioner and air filter must be cleaned from time to time to prevent dust from effecting the cooling capacity.

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